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Type 1 Diabetes

The beautiful Cazzy Magennis, author of the fabulous is one of our most loved bloggers.  Cazzy also happens to be diabetic and uses the drop down pocket of her Handee Bra to fit her insulin pump.  Here's what Cazzy has to say about the Handee Bra:

"The Handee Bra fits my insulin pump, so it's genius for bringing on travel trips so your pump is secure and you can guarantee its safe! It still fits lipstick, etc, and you can put actual travel essentials in it, but I plan on using mine for my pump and some emergency hypo supplies. Imagine you misplaced your bag, or God forbid it was stolen.  You can have a little extra peace of mind that your diabetic supplies will be safe in your bra! (I will also keep some Mac lipstick in there, because in case you haven't noticed...I wear red lipstick 24/7 hehe)

Wearing Handee Bra
Me wearing my Handee Bra :)
The bra comes in three different colours, as you can see I have black & hopefully these pictures can give you an idea of how “handy” it is. It’s actually extremely soft and comfortable, as well as breathable, so I think it’s going to be perfect in the temperature I will be in. Apparently it's Bamboo used in the making of the Handee Bra which is probably why it's so soft, and the fact I can machine wash it means it will work well for on the go! It's the perfect ingredient for an active bra- which is brilliant because I intend on being super active on my travels throughout South America.
My Diabetic pump
Perfect fit for my pump!

And they donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which can’t be a bad thing!! It is an Australian brand, but they ship worldwide, hence why they got one to me!

I honestly absolutely love this product and would not have recommended it unless I really saw the value in it."